Grow: Planting Spring Bulbs

This afternoon I planted my spring bulbs! It’s possibly pushing it slightly, but I had to wait for my bulbs to arrive in the post. I got caught by targeted advertising (yet again) and got taken in by these Tulip Ice-Creams which look like little scoops of ice-cream, so I couldn’t not buy them…

I also ordered some snowdrops (Galanthus Nivalis) and some Alium Cameleon with delicate pink-tinged white flowers. I ordered my bulbs from Farmer Gracy and they took a while to arrive, but they were in good condition and in sustainable packaging so that was fine. I’ve been looking for something nice to buy myself that won’t just end up as more ‘stuff’ sitting around my room, so I thought bulbs were a nice way to spend some money.

My mam loaned me some pots to plant these guys in and here they all are ready for the winter! I’ll make sure to keep an eye on them and update in the spring.

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