Repair: Eleanor’s Carrying Bag

So I finished repairing my sister’s carrying bag! It had been sitting unusable in the music room for god knows how many months, lingering near the end of my “sewing to-do list”.

This is one of her favourite bags, bought by my mother in Greece a few years ago and brought back. The owl is the symbol of Athens, so this is a really appropriate souvenir, plus it’s really cute with the owls and mushroom design (ahead of the cottagecore curve, anyone?). Since then it has lugged many maaannyy heavy books and folders for her music classes and PhD studies.

It’s been through a lot and was looking a bit worse for wear –
The zip has been long broken and the lining had come loose. The eyelets attaching the handle had ripped through the fabric and come loose, so they were sliding along the handles and leaving fraying holes in the side of the bag.

For the eyelets, I started by hand-sewing circles around the holes to hold all the layers together and strengthen the area. I tacked the eyelets back into the right place to hold them there while I shoved the fabric back in between the eyelet layers with the blunt end of a needle (very safe, of course lol ).

To finish the handles, hold the eyelets in place and fortify the fraying holes, I took burgundy embroidery thread and ran a buttonhole stitch around the eyelets.

Reinforced Eyelets

I bought a new zip in Hickeys for €1 and sewed it in and reattached the lining by hand.

New Zip going in!

Now that it’s done, it can get back to carrying around all of my sister’s worldly goods and being a productive member of society – plus it’s one more thing off my to do list!

Finished Bag

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