I’ve set up my Bullet Journal for 2021 and I am finally going to get cracking on some of that sustainability reading I have to work on. I never normally make New Year’s Resolutions, I consider them to be a bit twee and insipid, but this year feels different. With the lack of any change whatsoever from last year in my daily life, I feel that a few goals to work towards will help it feel like 2020 is finally over.

So, a few of my resolutions for this coming year:

  • Vegetarian: I’ve been putting off being a vegetarian for years now – I already eat 95% vegetarian food, apart from a few chicken nuggets here and a couple of slices of salami on my pizza. But I’m going to be a proper vegetarian now.
  • Drink Water: I used to be great at drinking water when I was working but now that I’m at home all the time I’ve really slipped.
  • Routine: develop a routine of making my bed, tidying my room, doing my skincare and taking my vitamins and tablets every morning.
  • One-in, one-out: if I buy something new I have to get rid of something to make room for it and stop me accumulating too many objects
  • Limit screen-time: back in September I did a “digital detox” and it was great, I miss it to be honest, I’ve been spending way too much of my time scrolling on Facebook and getting angry, especially over Christmas.

Of course, I am going to continue to strive for other things like zero waste shopping, cooking more meals and minimising but these are some more achievable goals for me to work towards every day.


2020 was basically a write-off, but there were a few good things from the year:

  1. My college course – starting on my college course in UCD was an absolute god send and stopped me going (completely) mad in the autumn/winter. I’m so lucky to have been able to learn so much and meet such inspiring, lovely people.
  2. Curly Girl Method – I’ve been following the CGM for about a year and a half, but I have made lots of improvements in 2020, including getting my first “curly cut” and streamlining my products that I use.
  3. KonMari – did LOTS of tidying up during the summer and discarded loads of stuff – organised my room, all my documents and lots of work in the kitchen, spare room, music room and attic!
  4. Freecycle – did lots of Freecycling, getting rid of stuff and finding a few nice new things too!
  5. Zero-Waste Shopping – my local zero-waste shop the Good Neighbour opened just over a year ago and it has opened up so much more zero waste shopping to me – previously I went occassionally to the Dublin food Co-op in Kilmainham, but it’s incredible to have a shop so close that I can hop down frequently.

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