Planting Potatoes

Last weekend, I planted up the spare seed potatoes that were left over from the allotment. There were about twenty spare potatoes that hadn’t fit from the main crop and so were hanging around, beckoning to my distaste for waste (new hashtag idea?). I had previously fished out the potato bags we had a few years ago to house the left over early potatoes, so they were all used up. I don’t know much about gardening so everything I do regarding plants is guided by my parents who have their own allotment and by religiously watching Gardener’s World of a Friday evening.

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The tray of left-over seed potatoes, about to become my next gardening experiment

On my mother’s instruction, I bought three bags of peat free compost* emptied out the compost into a container and cut holes in the bottom for drainage so that the bags themselves could become planters. After mixing the compost up and breaking up the clumps, I put a few inches back into the bags, planted the potatoes pointing upwards and covered them over.
I’ve emptied the unused compost into a big tub that we used for storing the carrots over the winter, so the goal is to gradually add it in, building up around the potatoes as they grow.

(*by the way, it was a palaver getting peat-free compost in Woodies, everywhere I looked it was Bord na Móna all over the place. Even though they have officially stopped harvesting peat from the bogs, they still have a big backlog of peat that’s getting sold for the moment.)

I’m really looking forward to my potatoes – I don’t expect a huge yield from the bags, but whatever I get will be better than just throwing out the excess seed potatoes. The absolute excitement from digging up potatoes is incredible! It’s cliché for a staunch city-dweller, but I can never get over growing real food from basically nothing. Potatoes are even more exciting because you can’t see them grow, so when you dig them up and find whole potatoes there it’s really something. I get easily carried away talking about potatoes, I’m not going to apologise for that.

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