About Me

I’m Izzy, I’m a sustainability enthusiast, zero-waste geek and costume person trying to live more sustainably in Dublin. I have been making zero-waste changes in my life for a while now, but there’s still an extremely long way to go. I hope you can join my on my journey of exciting discoveries and mistakes as well as what I can only predict will be many boring posts about my excitement regarding leeks. 

What does EcoMinimalism mean?

EcoMinimalism is a word which expresses the connection between eco-friendly living and the ideals of minimalism; having less, being more conscious about your possessions, habits and purchases, finding peace in nature and simplicity. These are all things which are fundamental to minimalism and eco-friendly living. I am striving to be an ecominimalist.

My goal is that by pursuing zero-waste living I can start to live more consciously and minimally and help our planet in any way I can. I started this blog because I have tried out lots of different experiments into minimalism and zero waste and I’d like a way to track my steps and share them with other people too. Hopefully there are some tips here that you can take with you and implement in your own life.

I also wanted to start writing and to have an outlet to talk about the various projects I’m working on, without having to bore my friends for hours a week going off about fabric conditioner. So I hope it provides some interest and enjoyment for you along the way!